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Why I am on the Stay Beautiful Program…..

When I turned 50 years old, I entered into the Middle Age Club. You know the club, everyone wants to send you black balloons, you get a letter from AARP every week, along with letters from financial institutions wanting to help you with retirement. Of course, each letter has a ticking clock on it like your time is running out! And if that isn’t enough, everyone has a one-liner they can’t wait to tell you. Your hot flashes result in savings on your heating bill, or your idea of getting lucky is finding your car at Walmart on the first try. I always tell people on my birthday I am turning 29, just to have my kids follow up with “ AND HOLDING ON TIGHT”! Which may be true, since I am now younger than all my children! I call it the new Math!

Needless to say, I am always looking for the newest craze out there in order to look younger. I buy my clothes in the Junior Section so I can look cool! (Do kids still say cool?) I have all my pictures airbrushed to remove the crow’s feet from around my eyes and my smile lines. I am always seeking new ways to stay young and stay beautiful!

So, a couple of years ago, when I had my carpets cleaned and the young man cleaning them mentioned their “Stay Beautiful” program, I was all in. As he started telling me about it, I was thinking, “he is selling a new product to help me remain young and beautiful!” Then as the conversation went on, I realized he was talking about my carpets staying fresh and beautiful! I thought, fresh and beautiful, he is talking about me and how I love to live my life. I told him to sign me up! I want beautiful! His reply was very heartfelt, “Mrs. Call, I need to explain a few things to you about On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration Stay Beautiful program”.  Such a sweet young man! He understood I am into young and beautiful!

Here is what I found out…The Stay Beautiful program is for carpet, upholstery, and tile! Here is how it works: you have your carpets, upholstery and/or tile cleaned. Your carpets, upholstery, and tile look beautiful and you want this look all the time.  On The Spot is willing to help you with it. The Stay Beautiful program is set up to help YOU keep your home beautiful! Every six months I get my carpets cleaned because of the Stay Beautiful program. And the best part: I don’t have to worry about it. They keep track of it for me.

So the next time you have your carpet, upholstery, or tile cleaned, ask your experienced carpet cleaning technician about the Stay Beautiful program! FYI: You don’t have to be over 50 to get it! That is my favorite part about it.