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What Should I Do After a Fire?

fire damage cleanup twin fallsMost homeowners will never have to experience a fire in their home, but in the unfortunate event that your Twin Falls home is damaged by a fire, do you know what to do?

After the fire is extinguished and the fire department leaves, what happens next? Should you hire a restoration company to perform fire cleanup? Can you handle cleanup on your own? How does the fire affect your home and your personal belongings? These are all important questions, and the answers will vary depending on your specific situation, the type of fire that has damaged your home, and the amount of damage that has occurred.

Hiring a Fire Cleanup Professional

If you are considering hiring a fire cleanup professional after a fire damages your Twin Falls home, make sure the fire cleanup restoration company is certified in fire damage restoration and experienced in the type of cleanup that you need. Hiring a restoration company that specializes in fire cleanup ensures that cleanup will be through and efficient, allowing you to return home as soon as possible after a fire.

Professional fire cleanup companies will completely restore your property after a fire, including cleaning and removing smoke and soot damage, as well as any water damage resulting from firefighting efforts. This also includes emergency board-up or roof tarping to protect your property from the elements. Your property will be restored to pre-loss condition.

How are Smoke and Soot Removed?

Fire cleanup professionals use specialized techniques to remove smoke odor and soot stains. Attempting to treat smoke odors yourself can cause additional damage, and can make it harder for the odors to be removed after the fact. At On the Spot Cleaning & Restoration, we have access to specialized cleaning products that can effectively deodorize your belongings and remove staining.

If you have extensive smoke damage and smoke odors, hiring a fire cleanup professional is the most effective way to ensure odors are removed and smoke and soot residues are completely removed from top to bottom. Permanent staining can occur if soot is not removed quickly, and smoke odors can prove to be impossible for a homeowner to remove on their own.

Call Your Insurer, Then Call Us

You should report your loss to your insurance company as soon as possible to expedite your claim and to avoid any problems that may arise. We will work directly with your insurer on your claim, freeing you up to  focus on other things. When you call On the Spot Cleaning & Restoration for fire cleanup in Twin Falls, you will get full-service fire cleanup from start-to-finish. Call us today.