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Water Damage Repair: Technology Used to Dry Your Home

water damaged homeThere are few things worse in the middle of a rain storm in Idaho than suddenly hearing a drip, drip, drip at the foot of the bed, only to realize there is water coming through the ceiling from who-knows-where. If the roof is leaking, is the water running elsewhere too? How big is the leak? And it’s the middle of the night – who can help right now?

On The Spot can help right now, and can figure out pretty quickly without doing additional damage where the water is coming from, if it has traveled elsewhere, and establish a course of action to get the problem repaired.

Whenever you have a professional come into your home, we feel it is important that you understand, at least on a basic level, what tools they will bring in and what they have to offer to fix your problem.

Technology – Offering Proof of the Problem

First, good water damage repair companies carry thermal imaging or infrared cameras. Just because there is visible damage doesn’t mean a whole wall or ceiling has to be ripped out. This technology helps detect where there might be water damage before doing any demo. These cameras show a temperature difference within a wall.

For example, during the cooler months in Idaho, you would expect areas in your home to be warm as the furnace runs. On the screen of the thermal imaging camera, you would see most areas of your home glow in reds and oranges. However, an area of blue indicates a cooler area which might mean water or moisture. It would also mean a draft from air outside.

A good restoration contractor will know what’s going on based on experience and training. From here, they’ll likely pull out a moisture meter that can actual detect moisture, not just a difference in temperature. There are a variety of different kinds of moisture meters and accessories, but we won’t bore you with that. However, what you should know is that these handy little devices can actually read moisture levels within materials like walls, ceilings, floors, etc. There are meters that can simply be pressed up to the damp surface and give the technician a moisture reading. Similarly, some meters have a small pin that can be inserted into a wall to detect moisture in a space not visible with the naked eye.

Drying Equipment & Products

Restoration contractors use highly efficient and powerful extractors to suck up all the excess water in a space. Once all the standing water is removed, dehumidifiers, fans, and other drying equipment will be brought in and strategically placed to provide optimal drying conditions for the space.

We also have access to industrial grade products that will immediately kill any microbial growth that may have appeared in the space. Simply throwing bleach on a moldy spot on a wall does not cut it as the bleach can’t reach deep into the pores and actually remove the mold.

Above all…

If you have had a flood or water loss in your home, don’t wait to call in a professional for help. On the Spot will work with your insurance company to get the repair work underway, and done, as quickly as possible to get your life back to normal.

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