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Water Damage Cleanup in Idaho Falls

water damage idaho fallsWater damage cleanup is a serious problem, but is one that is often preventable. Failure to maintain plumbing fixtures is a common cause of water damage in Idaho Falls. Regular inspections and maintenance of plumbing fixtures can prevent water damage and keeps small problems from becoming a much larger problem requiring water damage cleanup.

We’ve compiled the following tips for maintaining your plumbing fixtures to prevent water damage cleanup in your Idaho Falls home.

Locate Your Main Water Supply Shut Off Valve

If there is one thing you should know about your home’s plumbing system, it’s where the main water supply shut off valve is located. If you experience a broken pipe or other water emergency, quickly shutting off the water supply can prevent thousands of gallons of water from flooding your home. Make sure you and everyone in your household knows where the valve is located and how to turn off the water supply.

If you do not know where your main water supply shut off valve is, it is usually located on the lowest level of your home nearest the water source.

Recognize Plumbing Problems

Ignoring plumbing problems can spell disaster for homeowners in Idaho Falls, and this puts them at a much greater risk of needing water damage cleanup. Strange noises, water pressure problems, and leaks are all things that should never be ignored and are indicative of a plumbing problem.

Call a plumber if your pipes are talking to you and letting you know something is wrong before water damage occurs. Many plumbing problems are easily remedied, and can save you a lot of money in repairs and water damage cleanup if the pipes fail.

Check Appliance Connections

Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters and ice makers all make life more convenient, but they can also cause major headaches when they malfunction. Make a habit to check your appliances supply and drain lines regularly, and replace when they begin showing signs of deterioration to avoid a major water damage cleanup. Maintain your appliances, and they will continue working as they should.

Pay special attention to your washing machine supply hoses. If you have rubber hoses, consider replacing them with stronger, more durable braided stainless steel hoses. Your washer water supply lines are always pressurized, and after a few years your rubber hoses begin to wear, increasing your risk of failure leading to water damage cleanup.

At On The Spot Cleaning, we hope these tips help you avoid the need for water damage cleanup in Idaho Falls, and that in taking a proactive approach you are reducing your risk of water damage from sources inside your home. We also know that despite our best efforts, water damage does happen.When it does,  call On The Spot Cleaning for water damage cleanup in Idaho Falls.