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Thank You Phil… bring on an early Spring!

Spring weather |prevent frozen pipesHey did you hear? Punxsutawney Phil came out Tuesday and didn’t see his shadow. You know what that means right? Yep winter is almost over. Bring on the heat.

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Well if so you know that it was just a continuous repeat of the same day, and in the end Bill Murray figured out how to break the cycle. Here at On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration we don’t want you to have a repeat of Ground hog day or a water damage in your home. As the spring thaw is coming soon, one of the leading causes of water damage to buildings is a hose bib failure.

We see a large amount of water damages caused by a hose bib that froze over the winter Frozen Spigot |On The Spot Cleaning and is lurking in the shadows to damage your home. It is just waiting for you to turn that hose on for the first time to wash your car, clean off the dirt and grime on your home that has been building up for months, or just to start getting your flower beds ready to plant and you need a little water to break up the soil.

We see it all the time. So how does this happen? In the fall when you are getting your home ready and prepped for the winter a lot of people forget to remove their garden hoses from the outside water faucets. Then what happens is the water inside the hose freezes and as it freezes it expands up into the faucet itself. The copper tubing that is part of the hose bib then expands and splits just before the shut off valve. Then in the spring when you turn on your water for the first time, yep you guessed it, the split pipe floods your basement or crawlspace. Most of the time people don’t catch this until the entire basement is flooded and has made a huge mess.

So here are a couple tips to reduce your chances of a loss due to a hose bib freeze.

  1. Remove your hose from the faucet in the fall.
  2. If you forgot to remove your hose make sure you have someone in your basement when you turn on your water for the first time in the spring.
  3. If you do have a burst pipe replace the pipe with pex. It has a bit more flex in it to allow for freezing.
  4. Call On The Spot if you have a water damage from a frozen hose bib.

Remember that although Phil has predicted winter to be shorter this year, you can prevent a major challenge in your life by being proactive when it comes to the spring thaw.