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Helpful Tips to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes in Pocatello

Now that winter has arrived, be aware that frozen pipes are a possibility. Frozen water pipes are never fun and always happen when you are least expecting it. Here are some simple tips to help keep your pipes from freezing. Following these tips will help prevent frozen pipes that can lead to water damage in […]

Prepare for Flash Flooding in Pocatello

  Flash flooding  in Pocatello is usually caused from heavy rain fall and sometimes dam and levee failures. Even sudden breaks in river ice jams can cause flash flooding in Pocatello. Flash flooding can be very destructive due to the force of the swiftly moving water. Flash flooding in Pocatello has been known to damage roadways, […]

Spring Tips to Avoid Water Damage Cleanup

The spring and early summer months bring unpredictable weather that can spell trouble and require water damage cleanup if your home is not prepared. Local flooding, heavy rains, and high winds all put your Pocatello home at risk for water damage. So while you are outside doing some landscaping and yard work, make sure you […]