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I am very satisfied

I am very satisfied with the professional cleaning that was done on my vehicle. The foul odor was taken care of and the spots that were on the carpet & upholstery were removed satisfactorily. We recommend “On The Spot Cleaning” Services. We will definitely return for future professional cleaning. Gaylord-Burley

Pocatello Carpet Cleaning

VERY PROFESSIONAL We are so happy with the thorough examination of the areas that are to be cleaned. Not only that they do the best they can to accomplish that goal. We were happy with the promotion they ran. The Scotch Gard application is great, they will return and do spot cleaning. The will be […]

Your technicians are unbelievable

Your technicians are unbelievable. I had a painter come in and do some work for me. He had spilled paint on the carpet. I tried to clean it before I called On The Spot. Your technicians came is and got the paint out. I was amazed. I will be calling again. Thanks for doing such […]

They did an amazing job!

They did an amazing job! I had no idea my carpet was actually that nice. Amanda-Buhl

There is nothing better

There is nothing better than having a carpet cleaned by someone who really cares about how it looks. They worked on a spot until it was gone. We appreciate the furniture being moved and then protecting the clean carpet by putting the protectors under the furniture legs. Donna Blay- Twin Falls