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Increase the Health of Your Home: Carpet Edition

Now that summer is right around the corner, that means more time to go and enjoy the great outdoors of Pocatello. However, that sometimes means tracking in dirt and mud in your beautiful home. People think that the only reason you need to have your carpets clean is so your home looks more appealing to […]

Carpet Cleaning Twin Falls

The Choice for Carpet Cleaning Twin Falls is Not Difficult   A quick Google search or a brief fan through the phonebook for Twin Falls carpet cleaning companies can be overwhelming.  Goodness gracious there are A LOT of them and knowing which one to invite into your home or business can be a terrifying undertaking.  […]

Carpet Cleaning Professionals

There comes a time when we all attempt to remove that stubborn stain by ourselves and it just cannot be done. Or maybe it’s time for a yearly deep clean to preserve those expensive carpets you just installed. Whatever the case may be, On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration isn’t just another cleaning company. We […]

Pocatello Carpet Cleaning

VERY PROFESSIONAL We are so happy with the thorough examination of the areas that are to be cleaned. Not only that they do the best they can to accomplish that goal. We were happy with the promotion they ran. The Scotch Gard application is great, they will return and do spot cleaning. The will be […]