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Spring Carpet Cleaning in Twin Falls

carpet cleaning professionals twin fallsLurking deep down in the fibers of your carpet, despite your frequent vacuuming and home shampooing, is soil, dust, pet dander and other pollutants that can affect the health of you and your loved ones. You may have the best retail vacuum and carpet shampooer and you may have just bought the “most effective” cleaning solution that guarantees to remove all of those nasty contaminants. But… are you certain your carpet is really clean?

Unfortunately, most retail cleaning solutions, vacuums, and shampooers just aren’t equipped to remove all of the dirt, soil, and contaminants that are hiding in your carpet fibers. Some cleaning solutions can even cause more damage than good. Not all carpets are the same, and not all carpets should be treated with the same solution. It is recommended that you hire a carpet cleaning professional to perform the deep cleaning of your carpets occasionally.

Each Season Brings New Threats

The different seasons of the year bring in different contaminants that can harm your carpets. We joke in Idaho that we can experience all four seasons in one day and what is happening outside can find its way indoors. In the warm and hot months of the year more insects and pollutants are around. In the winter months snow and salt and mud follow us through the doors. Experts recommend that you hire a professional carpet cleaner at least twice a year. Spring is a popular time to book your professional carpet cleaning.

Carpets are a major investment, so it’s easy to see why extending the life of your carpets through professional maintenance and care can be ideal. It is understandable that homeowners want their carpets to last as long as possible. When you don’t have your carpets professionally cleaned, over time the contaminants in your carpet will work their way down into the fibers, causing the fibers to flatten or deteriorate. This will cause your carpets to start breaking apart which causes unsightly seems and tears.

There are Benefits!

There are many great benefits to professional carpet cleaning including better air quality in your home. Due to gravity, all the airborne contaminants will fall down and eventually your carpets have accumulated a great amount of contaminants. Having cleaner carpets can potentially prevent allergic reactions. You cannot prevent spring time allergies but if you get rid of all the allergens lurking in your carpets that will help drastically. Relieving allergies will increase your level of comfort, which is always a plus!

Another benefit of having your carpets thoroughly cleaned by a professional is that most of those nasty looking spots on your carpet that have been an eyesore the better part of the year can be removed. Ready for clean carpets? Give us a call today to schedule your Spring carpet cleaning.

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