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Smoke Damage in Twin Falls

Smoke Damage in Twin FallsFireplace Safety Tips for Your Family


A fireplace can be a warm and comforting feature in your home, but without proper maintenance and use a fireplace can cause significant fire and smoke damage in Twin Falls. Safe use of your fireplace can help prevent fires in your home, and regular maintenance will prevent other problems like chimney fires. On The Spot Cleaning and Restoration hopes a fire never happens to your home. Hopefully these tips help to reduce your fire risk and to protect your family from dangers related to fireplaces.


Never Leave a Fire Unattended


Most major fires resulting from your fireplace can be prevented by never leaving the fire unattended. Make sure children are aware of the dangers and know to stay away from the fireplace. Keep pets and small children a safe distance from the fire at all times.


Always be sure to fully extinguish a fire before going to bed or leaving the house. A fire can reignite, creating a hazardous situation if no one is around. Never empty ashes or embers into a garbage can—use a metal container and keep the container outside at least 10 feet from any building.


Keep Flammable Items Away from the Fireplace


While it may be obvious that you should keep all flammable items a safe distance from the fireplace, this is often an overlooked measure of protection. Don’t hang items or decorations from the mantle, or place flammable items in front of the fireplace.


A mesh screen can be utilized to prevent embers from leaving the fireplace and entering your living room. If your fireplace has glass doors, be sure to open them far enough to allow the fire to get enough air to continue burning. Opening the doors slightly will also prevent embers from entering the room.


Keep Your Chimney Clean


Chimney fires are often the result of neglect and can largely be avoided with proper chimney maintenance. Creosote accumulates in the flue over time and can ignite. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected once a year. Seal any cracks in the chimney, and ensure it is clear of debris or buildup.


Chimney fires can cause extensive smoke damage to your home, as well as physical damage. Always remember to open the flue before starting a fire. You should also consider installing a screen on the top of the chimney to prevent embers from escaping and igniting on your roof or in your yard.


Watch What You Put in Your Fire


Burning materials other than seasoned wood can create unnecessary hazards that increase your probability of a chimney fire. Avoid burning paper, cardboard, trash and other items in your fireplace, as these items can get trapped and contribute to chimney fires.


Never use a fireplace to burn plastics, chemicals, wrapping paper or flammable liquids. These items can emit dangerous gases into your home, or can cause an unwanted explosion.


Preventing Fires In Your Home


Proper maintenance and use of your fireplace can reduce your risk of experiencing a fire. Fires can be incredibly destructive and can cause a significant amount of damage in a relatively short period of time. Take the necessary measures to prevent a fire and to protect your home.


If you do experience a fire, it’s essential that you contact a fire restoration professional as soon as possible to secure your property and to begin the cleanup. On The Spot Cleaning and Restoration services all of Southeast Idaho and the Magic Valley. We are available 24/7.  Many items can be restored after a fire, but time is critical. Smoke damage in Twin Falls and soot will continue to cause damage long after the flames are extinguished, and the sooner you begin cleanup the less damage you will experience.