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Prepare for Flash Flooding in Twin Falls

prepare flash flooding twin falls

What Are Flash Floods?

Flash floods are events that occur within 2-6 hours of heavy rain, snow melting, dam breaks or levee failure. Flash flooding in Twin Falls is known to cause extensive damage and in some cases fatalities. Heavy rain fall on steep terrain can weaken the dirt and soil and cause mud slides. Mud slides can happen in a blink of an eye and can damage homes, roads and other property.

On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration has some helpful safety tips to help you prepare for flash flooding in Twin Falls.

Safety Tips

  • Keep an eye on your local weather station for any updates about your area.
  • If you are travelling make sure you check the weather updates for your travel route and destination.
  • Learn the safest and easily accessible escape routes out of your home, work and school for a quick evacuation.
  • Know the area and your local community flood plan.
  • Learn if your area is prone to flash flooding.
  • If a flash flood does occur stay in a safe area until clearance has been issued.
  • A mere 6 inches of flowing water is all it takes to sweep your vehicle away.
  • Absolutely DO NOT cross a flooded road.
  • Keep your children out of the water. You never know what kind of bacteria is in the water or worse yet, you don’t know if the water has been exposed to an electrical current.
  • Get out of your vehicle if you are caught in a rising flood.
  • Create a flash flooding emergency kit.
  • Keep any important documents in a water or fire proof safe.

Emergency Kit Checklist

• Flashlight & Spare Batteries
• 3 day supply of water & food (non-perishable)
• First Aid kit & Any necessary medications
• Toiletries
• Warm Blanket
• Rain gear and boots/shoes
• Spare Cash
• Paper copy of emergency contacts
Leatherman tool
• Insect repellent and sunscreen
• Camera to photograph any flood damage.

If your home has been damage by flash flooding in Twin Falls call On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration today! We are available 24/7 and can help you in your time of need!