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Water Damage Idaho Falls Testimonial

Mr. Preece:

Sometime back I was watching T.V. and a report was presented on a local business man (in Idaho) that donated his time and his employee’s to clean all the local law enforcement vehicles.
I decided then that if I was even in a position to use any of the services that company provided I would give them a call. That occasion came much sooner than I expected when a city water pipe broke and my family home was flooded with water.
Your employees were working at another neighbor’s house and I asked them if they would take a look at my house when they finished what they were doing for my neighbor and they were willing to do so.
Once they arrived and assessed the damage a decision was made for them to start immediately to clean up the water to prevent further water damage to wells and furniture.
I must inform you that all of your employees who responded were very respectful and sympathetic of our problem and completed their tasks in a professional manner, keeping us informed throughout as to what and why everything was done.
It is with great pleasure that I would like to pass on a sincere compliment to you and your employees for a job well done.
Following is a list of all who worked on this project.  I would hope you would pass on our “thank you” to all the following:  Mike Trowbridge, Tyson Fackrell, Randy Austin,  Brandon Hobley,  Trevor Dabb, Trisha Gibson, Donnie Lindsey,  Jacob Butt, and Jeremy Hobley (project manager).  These people are all a good reflection of your company and you.

G. Jerry and Sonia Marion


For more on how to prevent water damage in Idaho from pipes freezing go to this article provided by Idaho Falls here.

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