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Vandalism Cleanup

Vandalism Cleanup

When vandals strike, we are your source for immediate commercial, business, and industrial vandalism cleanup. We will get rid of that mess on your property.

The longer you wait, the more difficult vandalism cleanup becomes. When paint remains on a surface for any length of time, it can damage the underlying surfaces, making stains harder to remove.

There are also community ordinances requiring property owners to remove all graffiti promptly. If graffiti remains on the property, you could be fined for noncompliance.
Don’t try to clean up the mess by yourself, you could easily make matters worse. The wrong cleaning agents, tools, or equipment can cause paint to adhere to surfaces.

Graffiti paint are not easy to erase. Spray paint can be especially challenging to remove. Power washing and high pressure cleaning equipment are mandatory. The right cleaning agents and solvents are essential for vandalism cleanup.