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Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural Stone Cleaning

Absorbent surface products can and should have a top coat sealer put on them.

Top coat sealers protect the surface from direct wear and staining, and also bring out the color and most have a durable reflective sheen.  In maintaining a surface that has a top coat sealer the same as above applies, although water tends not to be as much a factor with top coat sealer applications.  Some top coat sealers allow you to buff them to bring out the shine again.   Top coat sealers do show wear, scratches and can show scuff marks.  Some can flake or blister if moisture does get underneath.  Absorbent stones and tiles can have a penetrating sealer applied instead but remember that the surface of the tile is still exposed to direct wear and damage.  Always remember when re-sealing to have the surface stripped or cleaned so that dirt is not sealed in.