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Do I Need an estimate before you start the dry-out?

Often the amount of the dry out is unknown; however our pricing is based on standardized pricing for the industry.  We use a computer-estimating program that updates the new price list every quarter.  Your insurance company also uses the same program and price list.  When an adjuster is assigned to your claim, we will explain to them what we have done up to that point, then get an authorization before further steps are taken.  Before any repairs are made we will have an agreed estimate with your insurance company.

What is the difference between you and a contractor?

We have spent thousands of dollars on specialized training and equipment, dealing specifically with water damage.  Our main objective is to minimize the impact on your day to day living.   If you hire a general contractor, often they do not understand the concept of saving verses replacing.  Just an example: 90% of the time we are able to save drywall with 3 days of drying, without putting any holes in it.  If someone comes in and removes all of the drywall, you have turned a 3-day job into about a week and a half process.

I have a cat and a dog that have “occasional” accidents. Can you remove the odors and stains?

We specialize in the removal of pet stains. As long as the carpet dye has not been damaged, we should be able to remove the spots and deodorize to remove most of the odor. Your Carpet Cleaning Inspector will be able to test the rugs to determine the degree of damage and give you an idea of the degree of restoration you can expect.

Do I need Scotchgard on my carpet?

Scotchgard Is an excellent investment. Besides protecting your carpet against spills and soil, Scotchgard gives you an additional excellent stain protection warranty. Scotchgard also makes the carpet respond better to future cleaning. Nearly all new carpet and upholstery, when new, has Scotchgard applied right at the factory. Over tome and even with normal use, this barrier of protection is worn off. We use special application techniques to reapply and renew this protection.

We have just bought a house and the previous owners smoked. Can you get rid of this smell?

Very possibly yes, but be sure not to move any belongings into your home until after the cleaning. We can clean and deodorize the carpets. The drapes should also be cleaned and deodorized. The furnace filters should be replaced. If the problem is severe, we may need to fog the house with special products. Our Inspector will be able to advise you after his inspection and testing.