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Removing Lead-Based Paint in your Idaho Home

If you live in or are considering purchasing an older home, it is important to know if lead-based paint is present and to understand the risks of lead-based paint. If you are planning on remodeling or painting and your home is more than 35 years old, you should consider testing for lead-based paint. If present, […]

Protecting Your Home from Wildfires in Idaho

 Risk of Wildfire Damage in the Summer Summertime has grown to be a time known for wildfires, and if you are not prepared your home can be destroyed in a matter of seconds in a quick moving fire. There are several things you can do to prevent wildfires from spreading to your property and home, and […]

Water Damage Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls homes and offices sometimes experience water disasters. If you have water damage in Idaho Falls, our Idaho Falls restoration company, On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration, is fully capable of helping in your time of need. No matter what the reason, we offer complete water damage & flooding repair services designed to get […]

Flooded Basement In Idaho Falls

There can be many causes for a flooded basement in Idaho Falls. If you have a Flooded Basement in Idaho Falls and you need to know who to contact, you need to look no further than the experts at On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration. On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration, is a highly-experienced flooded basement restoration company. Flooded […]

On The Spot offers advice for frozen pipes

Frozen Pipes and Water Damage Idaho The New Year brought subzero temperatures to eastern Idaho, and could be wreaking havoc on many area homes. On The Spot Cleaning and Restoration is ready to handle frozen pipes and water damage that come with freezing temperatures. Water Damage specialist Derek Preece says there are some easy steps you […]

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