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Our Gift To You!


carpet magiciansYour neighbors loved the magic trick our technicians performed on their carpets! That’s right! Our technicians are like Houdini, they perform magic tricks where everything disappears!

Your neighbor was so excited about the results she wanted to run from door to door and tell all her friends and neighbors what had happened to her carpets.

We’ve decided to transfer your neighbor’s excitement into something even more amazing!

A Gift just for you!

1 Room of FREE Carpet Cleaning!!!

But this isn’t like any “gift” you’ve ever received from another company before.  This gift is really FREE!  No strings attached.  Why are we giving you this gift? To introduce you to On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration and give you the best carpet cleaning you have ever had!

We are so confident that you will be amazed with our carpet cleaning that we are giving you a SECOND FREE GIFT!

A FREE 20-Minute Healthy Home Carpet Inspection!

What exactly does a 20-Minute Healthy Home Carpet Inspection entail?

Our FREE Healthy Home Carpet Inspection is unlike any inspection you have ever seen before.

  • First off, our technicians are going to inspect and thoroughly test your carpeting to find out what kind of fibers it contains. Not all carpet fibers can be cleaned with the same methods, detergents and techniques.
  • The next step is to check all your carpet for any unwanted spots and stains (even the ones Fido and Fifi left behind.) Our technicians will do some testing and show you what kind of results you can expect from our cleaning.
  • Our technicians also pay special attention to traffic areas. Traffic areas are the areas of carpet that act as “the super-highway” around your house. Because they get so much “traffic”, they usually look more worn and dirty than other areas.  We will talk to you about how we can make them look as good as the rest of the carpets.
  • Next comes the “health” talk. Our certified technicians are the carpets doctors, we will determine whether your carpets are in good health or not. The health of your carpet plays a large role in the health of your family. We will talk to you about the ways that you can keep your carpet (and family) as healthy as possible.
  • After all of that, you will be given a complete written report with the results of YOUR Healthy Home Carpet Inspection…Did we mention it was FREE?
  • And then – We will “hand deliver” your gift of 1 Room of FREE Carpet Cleaning!!! (Up to 167 ½ Square Feet)

If you’re totally amazed, astonished, blown-away and overjoyed with your 1 Clean Room like your neighbor was, you will get another GIFT! Three Gifts! That is crazy right?

Your third gift will be A FREE-WRITTEN QUOTE of how much it’d be to make your whole house look that amazing which also comes with a FREE BOTTLE OF PROFESSIONAL SPOT REMOVER. 

These free gifts are really only for homeowners who love their homes (and their carpets) who have never used On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration before.  Unfortunately, we can’t extend the same free gifts to tenants who are renting.  But it’s not because we don’t love you 🙂  However, if you are renting where you live, we have some other special offers just for you too.  Just ask.

Our technicians at On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration are carpet magicians and they respect our clients. That is why we are not pushing or pressuring you to use our services. If you decide to use our services, we will be absolutely thrilled and we promise, you will be as well. But if you don’t, that is okay too!

Just fill out the form below! We will work out a time for you to receive your FREE gifts!

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