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On The Spot offers advice for frozen pipes

Frozen Pipes and Water Damage Idaho

The New Year brought subzero temperatures to eastern Idaho, and could be wreaking havoc on many area homes. On The Spot Cleaning and Restoration is ready to handle frozen pipes and water damage that come with freezing temperatures. Water Damage specialist Derek Preece says there are some easy steps you can take to keep your home protected.

Cold weather and snow

“If you have a question of whether your pipes will freeze, it’s great to leave your water trickling overnight or when you typically turn the heat down,” Derek Preece owner of On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration told KPVI Channel 6. “Open up your cabinet doors, especially the ones that are on the exterior walls. Open up cabinet doors so that the heat from you house can keep the pipes from freezing.”

Preece also said “the majority of pipes that freeze are your water spickets and because of how they are designed, they break beyond the valve and so they won’t leak until you turn the water back on in the spring, we do a lot of frozen pipe stuff clear into May and June.”

Often the water damage that is a result of broken pipes won’t manifest itself until temperatures warm up. People will find a leak when water starts coming from the ceiling or a light fixture. The water damage can be extensive and whether you dry your home out yourself or leave it to the professionals, you’ll want to make sure that everything dries completely.

“Someone who has specialized moisture equipment to find out what is the moisture content in the building materials will insure that you are actually dry instead of thinking it’s dry and the next thing you know you have mold growing up your walls,” said Preece.

A frozen pipe can exert pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch and that more than enough to rupture just about any pipe that you have in your home. You should also avoid using flame torches to thaw a frozen pipe. Flame torches are the leading cause of frozen pipe related home fires.

On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration specializes in water damage problems in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. Call (208) 643-9694 if you have a water damage emergency.

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