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Have You Watered your Christmas tree?

If you have ever had the misfortune of experiencing a house fire you know it is a traumatizing experience that you will never fire damage repair idaho falls forget. You will never forget what started the fire or the damage it created.

Did you know a leading cause of house fires this time of year can be attributed to dry Christmas trees? Everyone loves the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree. Everyone also loves the excitement of taking family members out into the mountains to cut a fresh tree, or going to the local tree lot to pick out the perfect tree for the holiday season, but with real Christmas trees there is definitely some risk of house fire that you should be aware of.

The problem is most people who use fresh cut trees for Christmas fill and forget. They always fill the tree stand with water when they first set up their tree and then forget about it in the following days. A fresh tree will absorb the fluid in the tree stand with in the first 5 days of being cut then it starts to die and dry out because it has nothing to feed on. When this happens it only takes a few days for the tree to get to the point of dryness that any and all heat can become a fire hazard.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do if you have a fresh cut tree is to make sure you are adding water to the stand every 2-3 days to prevent it from drying out. Once the tree stand is dry there is really no point in adding water to it. The tree will not accept it and will continue to dry out.

Please be very conscientious of your tree. Although they are beautiful and smell amazing they are a huge cause of home fires during the holiday season if they are not cared appropriately.

If you do have the misfortune of having a house fire this holiday season call On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration, we will come and board up your home Free of Charge in our Local Service Area, and can help getting your life back on track.

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