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The Great Flood

Why Did We Flood My Wife’s House?

I’m often asked what kind of crazy person would intentionally flood his own home?  And to that I always smile and simply answer, “Someone who’s confident enough to be able to clean it up and not ruin everything.”

Well, flooding my wife’s house is EXACTLY what we did.  I’m not going to lie, it took some selling of the idea to my wife but eventually I made a big enuf bribe and she let us do it.  We did it to prove how confident we are in our ability to save someone’s property after it has been damaged by water.

We used over 1200 Gallons of water and had the entire mess cleaned up, dried out and returned to normal in less than 24 hours.

It was pretty cool and a lot of fun.  We invite you to experience it with us by watching the videos below.  If anything, you’ll be entertained.  But hopefully, if your home or business ever experiences a water mess – you’ll remember how some crazy guys flooded their own home and have confidence that they can clean up yours.


The Intro:

 If You’re Gonna Flood Your Basement – You Should Have Some Fun!

The Big Event!  Disaster or Not?

Suck It Up & Dry It Out!

She Experienced The Terror – And Lived To Tell About It!