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Flooded basements in Pocatello

flooded basementHave you ever dealt with a flooded basement? It doesn’t matter if your basement floors are just concrete or covered in carpet, it can be a rather large headache and cleanup can be pretty complicated. Our professionals at On the Spot in Pocatello highly recommend that you contact us immediately, if you see any extra water lying around.

Spring in Idaho is the prime time for basement flooding, but this is NOT the way to bring in a new season. Spring rains and melting snow can both lead to a basement full of unwanted water. A flooded basement will mean you need to first ensure the safety of those in the house. This may include shutting off electricity.

It will become high priority to extra the water to protect your home and belongings from further damage. Some people opt to suck water out on their own, while others defer to water damage restoration professionals. Keep in mind that restoration professionals will have much more powerful and effective equipment and will most likely be able to work much faster than your economical shop-vac.

Time is important with flooded basement. The longer water sits the more expensive your loss is likely to become. It is imperative to prevent mold — this further complicates a flooded basement incident. Failing to contact a professional flood damage cleanup company can result in excess property damage and potential health risks. It is imperative for us to take care of the water damage right away because the longer the water sits there the higher chance you will have of the mold starting to grow. Not only that, but the water will damage the property and the water can go to many places you wouldn’t think it could, wreaking havoc on your home or business.

3 things to consider when dealing with a flooded basement

#1 – Do I want to call my insurance agent? We can help you determine if the loss warrants making an insurance claim. A water damage professional can help you evaluate the situation and know the next step.

#2 – Is it safe? The type of flood water in your house will determine if it safe for you and your loved ones to be exposed to. For example, a flood that involves sewage water can contain hazardous contaminants and great caution should be taken.

#3 – If the water is safe you may want to quickly salvage precious belonging before they become too damaged. Professional restoration companies can help you salvage precious personal contents after a flood. Items such as photographs, clothing, books, and important papers can potentially be cleaned and recovered for you.

Did you know that with a little bit of moisture mold can start growing with in as little as 24 hours? Mold is not good for your health. Not only is it not good for you but it also leave nasty spots on your property. Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at On The Spot when you’re faced with a flooded basement or your water disaster may escalate into mold disaster.

Our professionals know it is of the utmost importance to handle the situation right away and this is why we offer 24 hour Emergency service. Contact us today at On the Spot in Pocatello and let us take care of your flooded basement.