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Flooded Basement in Burley, Idaho?

IMG_0620Did you know that when there is a flood in your basement there are 2 types of damage? There’s the immediate and obvious damage of water being in your home, soaking everything in it’s path including carpets, walls, appliances, and more. The second type of damage is not as noticeable – this is the water that has seeped behind walls, soaking insulation or that has found cracks in the subfloor where it will hide until you start to notice a musty smell indicative of mold.

Contact The Professionals

Whenever you have water damage, you’ll have both kinds – the immediate threat and the lingering damage. The only way to ensure that you address all of the water damage is to hire a water damage restoration company in Burley who has the knowledge and experience to be able to locate all the areas the water has affected, and who has the tools and equipment to quickly extract standing water and dry the area.

At On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration, our technicians are certified in water damage restoration and will be able to restore your flooded basement back to normal in no time.

We Provide Faster Drying Times

 When dealing with flooded basements our technicians use the Thermal Energy System, which is the latest drying technology out there that allows us to dry your property two to three times faster then before. There is no more leaving your fans running for a few days, no more loud noises either. We even have the most advanced water removal equipment to ensure all the water is extracted so you don’t need to worry about mold later on.

 Our technicians know that water damage can happen at anytime. On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration in Burley is available to you anytime with our 24 hour emergency service. So please contact us if you experience a flooded basement or some other emergency – we are here to help.

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