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Flood Damaged Kitchen?

kitchen flood damage cleanupBefore entering your home after there has been a flood in your kitchen in the Pocatello area, make sure everything is safe. Check for damage to all your electrical sources and make sure the power is off. Water and electricity do not go well together. After your home is safe to ever, you can then begin the water clean up process. The longer the water sits in your kitchen, the more damage that can be done. The most common damage that can happen to your home is mold damage. Mold damage can begin within 48 hours after the source of the water has entered your home. A great way to slow down mold is to open up windows to help allow for airflow in your home.

Salvaging Your Kitchen

When it comes to saving appliances in your home, you first need to decide what has been in direct contact with the water. Electrical items that have been in direct contact with water will need to be replaced. The reason for this is because the wires inside your electrical appliances in your kitchen can corrode causing a major hazard for your home. Electrical items that are higher up and did not get direct water should be fine. However, double check to make sure before use.

Water Damage

If the water damage in your kitchen was not too extensive, most times you can hire a professional to come in to help restore your kitchen that was affected by the water. If you are able to act fast enough, you can usually dry out your baseboard to your kitchen cabinets and be able to refinish them. However, if they become in contact with water for too long, the boards will begin to warp becoming no use for your home. Wood is great at holding in moisture and if not taken care of the right way, the wood can slowly begin to rot away from the water. The wood on your cabinets will need to be aired out on both sides to help ensure that there is no water. The same steps need to be applied if you have wood floors in your kitchen as well.

Not only should you just inspect your appliances and cabinets, you also need to inspect your walls. You need to make sure to look past at least a foot where the water line stops on the wall. This will make sure that there is no water still left in your home that can cause structural damage to your Pocatello home.


When you hire a professional, like On The Spot Cleaning and Restoration, to take care of the water damage in your home, they can help decide what is best for your situation. Each situation will need different attention and the professionals at On the Spot Cleaning have exactly what you need. They will help make sure that you flooded kitchen in your Pocatello home looks like water damage never occurred.