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Don’t Let Flooded Basements Get You Down!

flooded basement blackfootFlooded basements are (surprisingly) very common in Eastern Idaho — and Blackfoot is no exception. During the cold, wet winter months, it is not uncommon to get calls about broken pipes or water seeping into your basement through the foundation as snow melts and water pools around your home.

But, fear not, because there are tons of solutions for avoiding water damage in the basement!

How, you may ask?

By following a few simple home maintenance tips most instances of basement water damage can be avoided. It’s important to maintain our properties, but sometimes there are things that are overlooked or neglected due to our busy lives. Here are a few tips will help you remember what you need to do to avoid water damage in your basements.

Tips for Preventing Basement Flooding

• Make sure there are no cracks in the foundation of your home.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you can end up with a flooded basement if your foundation has any cracks. While you are at it, you can make sure all your windows are properly sealed to help keep the heat in this winter and keep your energy costs lower.

• Keep your gutters free of gunk and debris.

This helps assist in keeping water away from the walls of your home. When the gutters are full of leaves and branches, they’ll start to fill up with water and overflow, dumping water directly down to your foundation.

• Make sure all downspouts extend at least 3 feet out past the foundation of the house and move water away from the foundation.

This keeps water from getting into any cracks you may have missed in the foundation and flooding your basement. Your gutter downspouts should be directed a safe distance from your foundation, so make sure that both your gutters are clear, and your downspouts are working as planned.

• Make sure your sump pump (if you have one) is up to par and still functioning.

A sump pump is a pump which helps remove water that accumulates in a water basin, usually found in the basement of homes. Test your sump pump, and make sure it is working properly, is free of debris, and connected to power.

• Install window-well covers on below-grade windows in the basement.

Window-well covers are usually only used to help brighten dark spaces in basements, but they can be an integral addition to your home when waterproofing your basement. They help keep out rain, leaves and many other pesky problems that might arise during the winter.

Water Damage Restoration Pros

On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration has many certified technicians with first-rate equipment to help clean up any water damage that might occur to your home throughout the year, and if you do find yourself with a flooded basement we can help.

Our emergency team is ready to respond to your water emergency anytime, day or night. For any questions or concerns about water damage, contact us at (208) 904-0194.