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Do You Have An Ice Dam On Your Home?

ice damWow! Do you have this amazing site on your home?

Icicles are really cool looking right? I agree, but did you know they could be causing an unbelievable amount of damage to your number one investment – your Castle, your Home?

You see this is a possible sign of the build up of an ice dam on your home. Ice dams can be a very costly cause of damage to your home. An ice dam happens during very cold temperatures when the daytime high does not get above 32 degrees. They are caused by not having your attic properly insulated and may be caused by too much ventilation to your roof system.

How Ice Dams Happen

how ice dams formWhat happens when your roof has snow or ice on the surface is that throughout the day the heating system in your home heats the attic and causes the melting of the snow and ice under the top layer. Water runs down into the gutter and then refreezes then continues over time to cause a large amount of ice build up over the top of the gutter.  Water then starts to pool on your roof and seep back under your shingles, metal roofing or any other roofing system. Then as the ice melts again it seeps into your attic and eventually comes through into your home resulting in water damage. This can cause damage to drywall, insulation, and framing materials. It can cause fungal growth in or on the walls or ceiling and even in the attic. It can even potentially cause dry rot to the framing materials and reduce the structural integrity of your home. Wet building materials can start to have a strong musty odor as well.

Ice dams can cause a large amount of damage to the structure of your roof and home. They can cause mold damage and even dry rot. If ice builds up too much it can even rip off your rain gutters from the weight of the ice! So, “what can I do to eliminate ice dams on my home?” you say! There are a few easy things you can do to eliminate the potential for ice dams on your home.

3 Ways to Prevent Ice Dams On Your Home

  1. Check the attic for proper insulation. Building code requires a minimum of 14 inches deep of insulation in the attic.
  2. String waterproof electric heat tape through your gutters to keep them from freezing and building up with ice.
  3. Keep the snow off of your roof. If snow is building up on your roof, get it shoveled off to eliminate the melting of the bottom layer.

ice dam preventionIt is a really good idea to carefully and safely remove icicles from your home, not just to help prevent ice dams but also to prevent any danger to your kids or neighbors and friends coming to your home. Icicles can become very heavy and can hurt someone very badly if they fall.

So don’t delay! Take a walk around your home and inspect it to make sure you do not have any ice dams forming on your roof. If the conditions are bad and you aren’t comfortable doing the inspection yourself, consider hiring a professional contractor to help you remove the ice dam and take care of any other damage it has created. And if your property has suffered from water damage due to ice dams, call On the Spot Cleaning & Restoration today to handle the water damage cleanup and drying to prevent mold growth.