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Cleaning Your Home after Water Damage

flooded basement burleyIf the water pipes in your house have burst, or a storm has left your Burley basement flooded with water, dealing with the situation right away will enable you to save some of your possessions before they are completely damaged. The main thing to remember when dealing with unwanted water is that you must act immediately; and you should not take anything lightly.

Even if it is just an inch of water, it should not be ignored. Ignoring water damage will encourage growth of mold. Mold damages the house and leads to numerous health problems including respiratory disorders. As such, the following tips should be followed when dealing with water damage.

Remove Items from the Flooded Area

The first thing you need to do is shut off the power, disconnect the electronics and move them immediately. Furniture and other movable items should also be removed from the flooded area so the water can effectively be extracted and the area dried. Always remember to move the electrical appliances and items with the greatest risk of loss first, then items that may cause staining.

Extract the Water

After you are done moving the items, the next thing to do is get rid of the water. You can use a wet/dry vacuum for this, but if there is an electrical problem that makes this impossible (e.g. if the power outlets are all submerged), use old towels and a bucket to remove the water. If the water is too much, you should call a company that offers water damage restoration in Burley, such as On the Spot Cleaning & Restoration, to assist you.

Prevent Mold Growth

After mopping, dry out the affected area using fans and a dehumidifier. Pay attention to any drywall that is affected, as leaving this unattended will encourage mold growth. The next thing to do after drying is disinfection. A good disinfectant ensures that any bacteria that may have entered your home is removed.

Water Damage Restoration in Burley

We always recommend that for large water damage situations in which a large area is affected or there is a significant amount of water, or where the homeowner cannot effectively remove the water and dry the structure within 24 hours, that a water damage professional be used. On the Spot Cleaning & Restoration provides emergency water damage service in Burley and can respond anytime, day or night. We have all the tools and equipment to remove the water, protect your belongings, and throughly dry and disinfect your home after flooding or water damage.