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kitchen flood damage cleanup

Flood Damaged Kitchen?

Before entering your home after there has been a flood in your kitchen in the Pocatello area, make sure everything is safe. Check for damage to all your electrical sources and make sure the power is off. Water and electricity do not go well together. After your home is safe to ever, you can then […]

water damaged home

Water Damage Repair: Technology Used to Dry Your Home

There are few things worse in the middle of a rain storm in Idaho than suddenly hearing a drip, drip, drip at the foot of the bed, only to realize there is water coming through the ceiling from who-knows-where. If the roof is leaking, is the water running elsewhere too? How big is the leak? […]

Frozen Spigot |On The Spot Cleaning

Thank You Phil… bring on an early Spring!

Hey did you hear? Punxsutawney Phil came out Tuesday and didn’t see his shadow. You know what that means right? Yep winter is almost over. Bring on the heat. Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Well if so you know that it was just a continuous repeat of the same day, and in […]

flooded basement

Flooded basements in Pocatello

Have you ever dealt with a flooded basement? It doesn’t matter if your basement floors are just concrete or covered in carpet, it can be a rather large headache and cleanup can be pretty complicated. Our professionals at On the Spot in Pocatello highly recommend that you contact us immediately, if you see any extra […]

Flooded Basement in Burley, Idaho?

Did you know that when there is a flood in your basement there are 2 types of damage? There’s the immediate and obvious damage of water being in your home, soaking everything in it’s path including carpets, walls, appliances, and more. The second type of damage is not as noticeable – this is the water […]

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