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6 Steps to Take After a House Fire

fire damage idahoYou may think a house fire will never happen to you…until it does. Figuring out what to do after a fire can be very stressful—you’re already overwhelmed with the flurry of activity at your home. With a little help from a qualified Pocatello restoration company and these tips, you can regain composure and tackle fire damage like a pro.

  1. Ask a professional to confirm the safety of the house.

First of all, we hope you and your family were able to exit the home safely. After the initial exit, it may be tempting to re-enter the home, since you’ve already conquered the fire once. This will cause all sorts of problems. Structural damage, smoke, and rubble will pervade the house. Instead of marching in after any degree of damage, confirm it is safe to do so with a qualified professional.

  1. Know who to call.

Getting in touch with different groups of people is your ticket to quick recovery. Be sure to keep these people in the loop:

  • Family members that may not have been with you. To ensure they don’t hear it from someone else first, send out a quick group text what happened and the status of your family.
  • Your insurance company. After a house fire, don’t assume your insurance company will call you first. Stay on the ball and give them a call as quickly as possible to begin working on your claim.
  • If you are a tenant, contact the landlord or owner.
  • A fire damage restoration company in Pocatello, like On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration. As soon as the crowds clear and the smoke settles, you’ll need someone to help you physically clean up. Since the cleanup process is often long and strenuous, it’s a wise move to contact a fire damage cleanup company in Pocatello.
  1. Understand what a fire report is.

A fire report is a briefing on the specifics of the fire. It will include what area the fire involved, any injuries, areas covered, and time and date of the incident. You should work with local officials to obtain a copy of this record for your personal information. It can help you settle your claim and tie loose ends together.

  1. Take Pictures.

For additional documentation, be sure to (safely) take pictures of the damage. This can help you determine what needs to be replaced and assist you in settling claims. It may be the last thing on your mind, but you will be grateful for the reliable photographs later.

  1. Secure the property.

If your home was severely damaged, your home may be looted. Unfortunately, even in safe areas, unsecure homes are at risk of being damaged even further by vandals and crooks. Local officials can help you with this process to ensure that your belongings are safe and sound as you regain your footing.

  1. Begin remediation.

After the fire has been safely put out, and the fire truck has rolled away, you’ve got a serious case of cleanup on your hands. Since it is unsafe to be in contact with smoke and ash for an extended period of time, it’s important to utilize your resources—fast. On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration in Pocatello can help you remediate the fire damage in your home quickly to preserve as much of your home as possible. After any degree of fire damage, don’t forget to call On the Spot in Pocatello.

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